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Welcome to Rocky Springs Farm

Breeding ABGA Boer Goats since 1995

Specializing in quality red, paint, and dappled Boer Goats


“All things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose……” Romans 8:28

WELCOME to ROCKY SPRINGS FARM…We are a fourth generation family farm located in the Piney Woods of East Texas in what is known as the Lakes Area about half way between Tyler and Houston in the small town of Huntington.  My family homesteaded this farm over a 150 years ago in what would become the Rocky Springs community (hence the name of the farm) an area that is blessed with an abundance of natural artesian water. Livestock has always been an important part of this farm.



The history of the Rocky Springs Farm goats started in 1993 when we purchased a large black Spanish buck from Jim Willingham in Uvalde, Texas.  Jim had worked many years to improve the Spanish bucks on his ranch and had reached a high level with them at the time the Boer Goats came to the US. We used this buck with Dairy/Spanish cross does to produce some outstanding meat kids.  We sold him in 1996 (a mistake).  We bred those Dairy/Spanish does plus some does by the Willingham buck to a full blood Boer buck in 1994 and kept all the 50% Boer doe kids born from that cross. We purchased our first full blood Boer buck kid (an African Goat Flock animal) in 1995 from Dr. Lou Nuti which we named Sam Houston.  Sam sired many good does for us including RSF Houston’s Lily that lived to 10 years old and kidded every year of her life from age 18 months on.

In 1996 my husband and I, along with four others, founded the East Texas Goat Raisers Association which is still an active association after 14 years.

In 2002 I was asked to run for the Board of Directors of the American Boer Goat Association.  I was elected and served two terms (6 years) as Director for my region, Secretary for the ABGA Board for 4 of those years and retired as Vice President of the ABGA. During my tenure I was extremely honored to present the motion that led to the colored Boer goats being accepted into the ABGA Ennoblement program.  I also wrote the draft protocol for the “Sire of Merit” and Doe of Excellence” awards to recognize our excellent percentage animals.



In 2003 we started semen collection on all our bucks and have continued to use those foundation sires through our AI program.

In 2004 I passed the judge certification course for the American Meat Goat Association.  Dr. Frank Craddock changed my way of looking at goats. I was very  honored to judge many market wether shows and still judge the occasional show as time and health permits.

Several years ago we switched directions to focus more on the colored Boers (See our reference foundation sires).  About 3 or 4 years ago I started searching for a quality sire line that showed color and had strong possibilities of working with the does we had…One particular sire line kept turning up, often with quite a bit of red color in offspring…..that buck line was *Ennobled RRD Ruger.  I was surprised since Ruger is a traditional buck with a traditional pedigree but there it was.  I found a buck kid in a summer 2012 sale in Stillwater, OK, that was bred by a friend out in Lubbock, TX.  This kid named “Smokin Red” was a red paint (95% red) sired by the ABGA 2012 National Premier Sire Broken S Smoking Hot Ruger. The kid was triple bred to RRD Ruger.  I made the 9 hour trip to Stillwater and found the kid to be everything I was looking for. Not only did he have the color I wanted for the dapple program he had everything else to go with it…..When the sale was over Smokin Red came home to East Texas.   I had gone to San Angelo in September 2011 to the Lazy S-T Ranch dispersal sale to purchase a red paint doe from a line of goats that I knew very well.  A genetic family that consistently produced show quality animals. In that sale also was a dark red doe bred to the dapple herd sire Bon Joli Lazy S-T Copperhead.  I purchased her as well as the doe I originally went after.  In January of 2012 that red doe kidded a fully dappled buck kid by Copperhead and a red doe kid.  We unfortunately lost this doe during the fall of 2012.  The buck kid was named RSF Callahan after Clint Eastwood’s tough guy Dirty Harry Callahan…..These two young bucks…Smokin Red and Callahan…..are our colored breeding future. (See them on our Herd Sire page).  

2012 also saw the beginning of a partnership with our long-time friends at Bon Joli Farms on two does….a gorgeous dapple American Purebred daughter of FHF Red Ruger and a solid red American Purebred daughter of T4 Rhydderch. These does are maternal half-sisters out of the dappled doe T4 Kaluhua…a daughter of the great dapple doe T4 Poka Dot and sired by T4 Scorpio.  We are looking forward to some rewarding kids from these two does.



We retained a few of our top traditional does that carry excellent genetics and are proven producers of quality kids.  We also purchased a set of traditional colored weanling does in 2012 that came out of a quality market wether producing program with the idea of implementing a small select wether breeding program.  In order to stay with the preferred traditional color on market wethers we went in search of a traditional colored buck that we felt would work on our young wether makers as well as the good traditional full blood does we kept.  We found him in a son of *Ennobled Ruger Reloaded (who is sired by *Ennobled RRD Ruger) named RTR  Ramblin Man.  Again the quality of the Ruger sire line could not be ignored…..This young traditional buck is outstanding in his pedigree and conformation.  See him on our Sire Page. We expect great things from him.

So, here I am today…looking  at a “rainbow” of baby goats…thinking about the breeding crosses I made and those to make in the future….seeing nothing but good things for the future of the goat industry….

As you look through our site you will find pages for my other passions…. French Marans Poulty  and Bantam Call Ducks. Take a minute to look at them.



Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you enjoy it.  Come back for another visit soon as we will be adding pages that are under construction at present.


Rocky Springs Farm

John and Peggy Taylor

Huntington, TX 75949


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